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Stay Cool Under the Sun with Cool Lidz!

Cool Lidz offer functionality and versatility in various applications:

-  Cools the back of the neck where sensitive nerve endings help lower the temperature of the entire body
- Protects the back of the neck from harmful rays of the sun.
-  Helps prevent sunburn and heat exhaustion

-  Retains moisture for  hours.
-  Soak, wring and attach in seconds
Du Rags G3
Doctor's Reconmendation!
Du Rags (G3)
To be worn under any type of helmet to keep one cool during any outdoor activity, i.e. construction & safety, cycling, paintball or motorcycling.
Bell Oasis flap does not have to touch the skin in order to cool. Just as the temperature is always cooler near the ocean because of the presence of water/moisture, Cool Lidz will lower the temperature of the area behind the neck.
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Simply immerse the Bell Oasis Flap in a bowl of cool water for approximately one minute, wring out excess water and attach it to the rear of the cap or Du Rag, and wear comfortably in the sun for up to four hours.

Sport a Cool Lidz as a normal style cap at a ball game or instantly convert it to a refreshingly cool mode with an extended Bell Oasis Flap. As another option, the cap may also be worn with the Bell Oasis Flap tucked inside the cap.

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