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Have you ever felt fatigued after exercising?  Of course you have.  But have you noticed that you are even more exhausted when doing the same activity under the sun?  Well there is a reason for that.  People active under the sun become more tired because they are suffering from some degree of heat exhaustion.

Our body has some in-born ways of keeping cool.  Sweat can act like our natural air conditioner. As our sweat evaporates from our skin, it cools us off.  Our personal cooling system can fail, though, if we overexert ourselves on hot days.  When this happens, our body heat can climb to dangerous levels.  This can result in heat exhaustion or possibly even heat stroke, a condition that can be life threatening.  Heat exhaustion takes time to develop.  Fluids and salt are vital for health.  They are lost as children and adults sweat a lot during exercise or other strenuous activities.  It is very important to drink a lot of liquids before, during, and after exercise in hot weather.  Besides drinking a lot of fluids, there are other ways of preventing excessive overheating of our bodies.

I was asked to test a new product that might help to prevent heat exhaustion.

Cool Lidz is the name of that product.  I have found that it can cool the body down and help keep body temperature within an acceptable range.  People involved with outdoor activities such as hiking, running, biking, golfing, or just working out in the sun would greatly benefit from its use in that performance could be kept at a higher level avoiding the weakening effects of heat exhaustion.  Recreation would definitely become more enjoyable.

Cool Lidz does this in a very interesting way.  Cool Lidz utilizes a new concept in head cover apparel that has the dual advantage of shading and cooling.  Specifically, it has a flap overlying the back of the neck which not only can block out the sunís ultraviolet rays but the flap contains a special material in it that expands and retains water for prolonged periods of time allowing for the added benefit of cooling capabilitiesIf the body stays cooler, both stamina and performance will increase.

I have on many occasions seen patients come into my emergency room with varying degrees of heat exhaustion even to the point of heat or sunstroke.  The physiology of keeping the body cooler using evaporative principles is certainly something that could have prevented their visit to the E.R.

As a physician, I can see that the Cool Lidz clearly has the advantage over conventional hats or caps because its concept is grounded in solid scientific principles, the same ones we were taught in medical school.  I am sure once you try it you would agree.


Hubert W. Chow, MD
Chief-of-Staff at San Gabriel Valley Medical Center
Emergency Medicine Physician
Family Practice Physician



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